Signs That You Need to Let Go of an Employee

Letting Go of Employee

Telling someone you have worked with for a long time that it is time to go is never easy. You want to keep the people who are a part of your team because in one way or another, they contributed to your growth.

However, there are instances when it is in your best interest and that of the company, to let go of the employee. These are the signs telling you that it is time to ask that person to leave the office and find another career.

Consecutive absences

You have a policy regarding absences at work. You want everyone to be present if possible, but you also understand absences for some specific reasons. If the person is ill or is grieving, you might understand them when they decide to not go to work. You can decide to fire the person though if the absences are usually done on the last minute, and will only inform you after coming back to work. You can give a warning letter first, but you need to eventually fire the person.

Spreads rumors

You do not want a workplace where everyone tries to tear each other down through rumors and gossips. That kind of environment is unhealthy and will not in any way build your company. There are instances though when gossips spread because of one person. If all fingers point to that employee and the action has been repetitive, you have no choice but to let that person go. Gossips and rumors prevent people from being productive. They also discourage the subject of these rumors from doing their job well.

Does not accept change

Changes happen all the time in any business. If you partner with a person who cannot handle change at all, you might have to ask that person to choose. If the decision is to still not accept the change, it might be time to let go. Your business will continue to evolve, and whether the employee likes it or not, job descriptions will change. Failure to handles these changes now means that the same problem could happen again in the future.

Disrespectful during arguments

Disrespectful during arguments

It is okay to argue with the people at work especially during meetings. It is unhealthy if the ideas only come from one person. You want an environment where everyone is free to express their thoughts. However, if the person always starts an argument and gets angry when rebutted, it is not healthy. The morale of everyone else at work will also be affected because of this attitude displayed by a coworker. Worse, they also keep complaining during meetings and point at many people for their failure when they are not productive themselves.

Even if it is difficult to let go of these people, you have no choice but to say goodbye to them because you cannot continue having them in the team. You would rather remove one rotten tomato in a basket than affect all of them.

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