How to Lead a Team When You’re the Newbie in the Group

Team Leader

Getting promoted to lead a team can be challenging. However, it’s easier if you already know the people you will work with. If you’re part of the group before becoming a leader, you already know everyone. There will still be adjustments with your new role, but it won’t be too drastic. It’s a different story when you came from a different team or organization before hired to lead a group. You don’t know everyone. These are some tips to help you get through the leadership responsibilities. 

Don’t act like the boss

Don’t act like the boss

Start with the right foot forward. Establish an excellent relationship with the people you will work with. Avoid acting like you’re the boss and everyone should follow your commands. Test the waters first and see where you can enter the picture. Once you act like a superior, you’re creating a wrong impression.

Get to know the team’s culture

While you’re already familiar of the goals, the culture might be different. The team has ways of getting things done. Understand the dynamics first and embrace whatever you can. You may also inject changes, but try to go slow. If you notice errors that delay the results, consider changing them. However, you can’t force what you want right away. Ask the team how to improve certain practices first. 

Establish a good relationship 

You want to lead out of respect and not of fear and hatred. It helps to get to know everyone you work with. Know their strengths and weaknesses. It allows you to utilize their strengths and help improve their weaknesses. You also want to create an environment where everyone feels comfortable being around you. Otherwise, the team will start talking behind your back. It could lead to terrible results. 

Be an encouraging leader

It doesn’t matter where you lead and whom you’re with. Always be positive and encouraging. Make everyone feel your support. Sure, you’re under immense pressure to show results, but you can’t pass that negative vibe to your colleagues. Be transparent in expressing your concerns, but remain supportive. 

Always ask for suggestions

You’re new to the team, and the people you work with might know more than you. The reason why you got hired was your leadership skill. You might also have a different perspective on doing things. You can still show that side without disrespecting other people’s suggestions. Remember that you don’t know everything. Despite your educational background and work experience, you have a lot more to learn. Be humble enough to acknowledge that you’re not the only smart person in the room.

Hopefully, you can lead the team well with these tips. Always be open-minded and lead with a heart. It takes time for people to warm to you, and it’s okay. Keep doing the right thing until everyone understands your vision as a leader. Be open-minded to suggestions and believe in what your colleagues are capable of.

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