How to Help Employees Receiving a Promotion Relocate

If given the chance to be promoted to a higher position, many employees will grab the chance. Others might have even waited for the opportunity their entire career. However, it’s not as easy as it sounds if it involves relocation. They have to consider their family members. They also don’t want to be away from them as they hope to provide for their needs. If you believe that the employee deserves a promotion but relocation is needed, here’s how you can support.

Provide moving expenses

Provide moving expenses

It doesn’t matter how far the new office will be. There are expenses that come with moving. Hiring a moving company alone can already be expensive. If an entire family is moving out of a big house, it’s even more challenging. Some employees will decline the offer to avoid the stress of relocation. Therefore, getting financial help with the move can change their minds.

Add transportation benefits

The salary bump that comes with the promotion might be a significant amount. However, after factoring in the relocation expenses, it washes out. It’s even worse for employees who decide to stay where they are and travel for about an hour to reach the new location. They deserve transportation benefits on top of the salary bump. The company can offer a free car service or provide a transportation allowance. Either way, it will help the employee reach the workplace quickly.

Housing assistance

If the decision is to move to a new house, finding the right place won’t be easy. These employees also have to submit the right documents to buy the house. Without proper housing assistance, they won’t accept the offer to relocate. Finding a new home is already a significant challenge. The housing market is also in terrible shape. No one would want to go through a difficult process without assistance.

Storage fees

Sometimes, the company will require the employee to decide and move immediately. The new position can’t be left empty for a long time. These employees are yet to pack their bags and move. The best choice is to leave their possessions in a storage room. The items stay there until it’s time to relocate to a permanent home. The company must also provide assistance in paying for the storage expenses. The amount might be reasonable, but it could add up fairly quickly.

Many employees are waiting for the opportunity to move up the corporate ladder. They work hard to get there. Getting a promotion that comes with relocation can kill the excitement. The best thing you can do is to assist them in whatever financial issue they might face during relocation.

Other employees might also hesitate because leaving the workplace can make them too emotional. They don’t want to say goodbye to the people they’ve worked with and worry about managing new employees. You must help them acclimate to the new position and ensure that everything will be fine.

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