Follow These Tips in Cleaning and Organizing Your Desktop

Cleaning Desktop

Most people dont have the time to clean their desktop. Before they know it, the desktop already has files all over the place. Worse, the files needed as a matter of urgency cannot be easily found. If you are one of these people, you need to deal with your problem right away. You cant let this situation continue as it could harm your work. These tips will help you in organizing your desktop, and to a certain degree, your life.

Consolidate your apps

You can now put together your apps in the same folder if you need them often. You can also group them according to categories like news, finance, work-related, and personal. It is easy for you to locate what you need when you know which groups they belong.

Create a file naming system

To make it easy for you to locate the files you need, you have to create a file naming system that is unique and easy to remember. You can also arrange them in an order that is most suitable to you. There is no general tip in organizing these files. It depends on you to decide what works best.

Organising Desktop

You can also keep a system of folders and subfolders. Some files might belong to different folders, and there is nothing wrong if you save them several times. The goal is for you to keep a copy of these files. Multiple location for saving is not necessarily a bad idea, unless the file is deemed confidential.

Organize the background

You need to organize the desktop in such a way that you can easily find everything that you need. For instance, you can clear some areas to give spaces for the files. You can put the files you work on the most on the leftmost portion while the ones you rarely use are on the right.

Sort new content

Dont wait until you have free time before dealing with new content. You need to sort them right away. When you allow them to pile up, it would already be too late for you.

Create a recurring cleaning schedule

If you successfully organized your files now, it does not mean your job is over. It means that you need to do it again. Unless you wont have anything to add, you need to keep working on organizing everything. It is just like cleaning your house. Just because you finished cleaning today does not mean it will remain the same over the next days.

You need an organized desktop just like you want your life to be organized. Cleaning up the computer is only the first step for you to organize everything else. Being too lazy is habit-forming. If you allow yourself to fall into that trap, it could stay that way forever, and getting out of it would be extremely challenging.

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