Tips to Keep Your Top Employees from Getting Burnt Out

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You feel blessed having quality employees working with you. When you ask them to do something, they dont just accomplish the job, but they do it with flying colors. As a result, you maximize their talents and give them more tasks. For some of them, it is a privilege, and they are more than happy to take the tasks. Others also wont refuse the responsibility, but there will come a time when they start feeling burnt out, and the quality of their work is affected.

As a leader, it is your responsibility to make the most of these top employees, but also prevent them from feeling burnt out. Not only will the quality of their work be affected, but they could end up leaving the team. It would be a total waste if you lose them, and worse, your competitors took them. These tips will help your star employees not feel overwhelmed.

Dont setup a meeting all the time

When you have top employees, they only need one conversation to learn about the tasks, and they will do it well. You dont have to keep talking about what they need to do, or follow up with them. They know what they are doing, and if they dont, they will approach you. If you keep setting up a meeting, they will get tired of it, and see it as a waste of their time. They could have used it to finish their task.

Avoid giving additional tasks

Avoid giving additional tasks

After assigning a task to them, give them time to finish things up. Dont give new tasks when they are yet to finish one as it could be overwhelming. They will also hurry things up to get to the new task, and you can expect the quality of their work to go down. These top employees are also organized individuals who have a clear timeline before they start working on a task. Giving them something new could screw things up for them, and their process could be affected.

Remove tasks that are unproductive

When you asked them to do a job, let them focus on it. If there are other tasks that dont lead to productivity, but they have to do, because everyone else does, it could stress them out. You can delegate those tasks to other employees who have more time in their hands.

Allow them to speak

The worst thing that you can do to top employees is give them paperwork that burdens them, without giving them a voice at the table. They are not only doers, but they are thinkers too. Let them speak out during meetings, and allow them to make decisions too. They would appreciate it if you dont treat them as ordinary employees who only follow commands.

These employees are a rare find, and if you have found one, you need to value them. Dont envy them if you feel like they can move up the ranks soon. Be grateful that they are a part of the team, and allow them to succeed because their success is also the success of the business.

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