Ways You’re Dealing With Hiring Incorrectly

Hiring Incorrectly

It’s frustrating when you felt like you already tried hard, but you still couldn’t find the best persons to fit the vacant spots in a company. The people you end up hiring are not good enough to do the job. Perhaps, it’s time to evaluate your approach in hiring. You might be doing things the wrong way, and it leads to terrible hiring decisions. 

Relying on online applications 

It’s a good thing that you can now reach out to potential applicants using another platform. However, it doesn’t mean that you rely on online applications alone. You also have to be more aggressive in searching for people to do the job. Perhaps, head hunting would work since you target even those who are currently employed. The point is that you shouldn’t wait for the right people to come, but you try your best to look for them.

Rejecting people based on submitted documents

You have different layers in determining who will fill out a vacant spot. The problem is when you start to eliminate people based on submitted documents alone. You might lose people who could show their personality when given a chance to do an interview. Conversely, you end up interviewing someone who embellished the resume to make it more appealing. These documents might help you determine the best person to fill the job, but you can’t rely on them alone. 

You wait for someone who checks all the boxes

Another mistake that could hurt your chances of hiring the right person is by waiting until someone comes and checks all the boxes. It’s a terrible idea since you would end up not being satisfied with any choice at all. The key is to find someone with massive potentials and willingness to learn. The reason why you send new hires to training and seminars is that you want them to learn the job. You don’t expect them to be perfect right from the start. Worse, there are people who appear to be awesome in the beginning, but will ultimately be a disappointment. 

You only rely on your HR team

You only rely on your HR team

It’s understandable if you count on your HR team for hiring. They deal with the employees from hiring until resignation or retirement. The problem is that your HR department isn’t well-connected. They could help screen applicants and they know how to find the right choice from an array of options. The problem is when these choices are terrible in the first place. They will settle with someone who is good enough, even if that person doesn’t fit several standards. Hence, you have to consider partnerships with an agency. There’s nothing wrong with this approach since these agencies are well-connected. As soon as you inform them about what you’re looking for, they already have a pool of candidates to possibly contact. It’s a faster way of reaching out potential employees. 

You have to change the way you view hiring and hope for the best results.

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