You Might be the Problem if You Constantly Have Hiring Issues

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It’s understandable if you have standards in determining whom to hire to work with you. It’s not easy to settle for someone who couldn’t do a stellar job for your company. At some point though, you will realize that you constantly end up with hiring problems. You end up with the wrong persons for the job. If you found someone great, that potential employee refused the job offer. If this is a persistent issue in your company, you might have to consider evaluating yourself. You could be the problem. 

You’re so picky

You’re so picky

You have standards in choosing employees, and it’s your right to determine the qualities that potential employees must have to perfectly fit your vision. The problem is when you end up saying no to almost everyone. You could be too picky and you’re losing potential candidates. Of course, you can’t expect every applicant to be perfect for the job. They’re all raw, but some of them could still be trained. Find someone who already checks several boxes instead of sticking with a candidate who fits your ideals. 

You don’t offer the right salary package

You need to understand that there are lots of direct competitors to your business, and you can’t be cheap in offering salary packages. Otherwise, you will lose a lot of great applicants. Even fresh graduates have high standards especially if they know their worth. Check the average salary for the same post in the market today. You can offer a salary package hovering around that number. You can also compensate through benefits if you think that the average rate is too high. 

The company has a terrible reputation because of your leadership 

Your employees talk. You expect them to remain loyal to the company and not say terrible things, but they won’t hold back if you’re not a good leader. If words about how bad you are as a leader and how horrible the workplace start to spread, you can’t expect potential candidates to apply for the job, or accept an offer. 

You’re not searching enough

It’s also possible that you still rely on traditional methods of looking for potential candidates. You can’t rely on regular job boards alone. You need to look for agencies that specialize in hunting for employees who will do well with the industry that you’re operating. You need to be more aggressive. Try to convince even those who are already employed to work with you instead of relying on the stream of online applicants alone. Your laziness or lack of innovation could be the reason why you don’t have the best people in your team. 

Try to change the way you deal with job application so that you will get the best people to work with you. Hopefully, things will change after you start to improve the hiring process.

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