Valuable Lessons You Can Learn from the Olympics to Use in Managing Your Business


It is Olympics season once again and we have seen spectacle after spectacle because of this event. There were a lot of joyous moments but also heartbreaking ones. This event that happens just once every 4 years is something the rest of the world looks forward to see. If you are among those obsessed with those who are doing well on the ice, you can learn from the sports and apply them to your business. Here are some of the best lessons you might want to use.

Know the strengths and weaknesses of every employee

You can’t treat all your employees the same way. You also can’t have the same approach in dealing with all of them. You need to make sure that you understand them better- their unique skills and abilities. There are those who respond via logic. Others respond better when they are motivated through emotions. There are different strategies that could hit the button for every person and we have seen this among Olympians. Coaches treat the players differently because they know them so well.

Determine when to take a back seat

As a business owner or manager, there is nothing wrong in being hands-on. This is also the reason why Olympians have coaches. They provide guidance to their athletes. However, even coaches know when to take a step back and let their gymnasts soar. They are there to provide support, guidance and love. The athletes will take it from there. Your employees also feel the same way. They want you to be there to provide guidance, but you need to learn how to let them go and realize their full potentials. Be motivating and empowering, but don’t choke them.

Have realistic expectations

In the Olympics, not everyone goes home with a medal. Some players will come home empty handed. They don’t feel bad though especially if they enter the competition simply with the idea that it is already an honor to have competed in the Olympics. They know where they stand in the game. The same thing should be applied in business. There is nothing wrong in motivating your employees. You can help pull them up as much as you want. However, always think that they might not necessarily meet what you are asking from them. This should not frustrate you, but encourage you to find ways to help them do better.

Find out what distracts employees


Olympians are very focused and disciplined. It is why they have qualified. They trained really hard. They have competed well. They have also done their best to be a part of the national team. Along the way, they didn’t let distractions prevent them. When players are distracted, be it physically or emotionally, they could not perform well. The same thing is applicable to your employees. Let go of the things that distract them or talk to them about what hinders them from performing well. This could help them refocus and do well in their job.

With these tips, you can expect your employees to be like these Olympic champions.

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Featured and 1st image by Agência Brasil Fotografias (Equipe de ciclismo da Holanda treina no Velódromo) [CC BY 2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

2nd image by SMSGT D. Sutherland [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons