Tips When Creating a Video to Pitch to Potential Investors

Video Pitch

It is crucial to have a video containing your pitch to potential investors that appeals to them and makes them invest in you. Everything starts with that pitch. It only lasts for a few minutes, but it can make or break your plan. When you have a convincing and enticing video, you can expect lots of potential investors to contact you. Otherwise, you need to look for other sources of funds to start your business.

Keep the video short

No one wants to listen to a lengthy pitch. You can discuss the details later once an investor already contacted you and expressed interest on your ideas. A 5-minute video would be enough. Do not go beyond the said length as the video starts to become boring. These investors are also busy people who have no time to go through the information you share.

Be specific and clear

Even on a short video, it is important that you are clear with what you want to share. Include the gist of your business idea, your target audience, and what you intend to do to appeal to them. Investors also want businesses that are going to solve existing problems. Highlight that part on your video.

Use photos and clips

Use photos and clips

Instead of explaining everything until the end, it helps if you use photos and clips. Facing the camera to discuss your plan is boring and will not entice anyone. You can also use quality graphics and sound effects to increase the appeal of the video. However, it is also a terrible idea to not show your face at all. Let the investors see you even only for a few seconds. They are not only investing in the idea, but also in you. If you are worth their trust, they will not hesitate to invest.

Use a quality camera

You only have a few minutes to prove your case. You do not want to waste the chance if half of that video is inaudible. Get a quality video camera that will capture everything perfectly. Look for an environment where there is no distraction or where the lighting is perfect.

Have a great opening

You need to command attention as soon as the video starts. You need that wow factor to keep the investors interested. If you look dull for the first few seconds, they will not dare finish the video. Again, you are not the only one asking for funds. Several other startup entrepreneurs out there also desire to receive funds from investors. If they offer better ideas and they managed to express them on the first minute of the video, the investors will most likely choose them.

Be professional

Since the investors are also judging you, it is crucial that you look and sound professional. You need to know what you are saying and be confident about it.

With these tips, you will soon come up with a pitch video that will make it difficult for investors to resist.

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