Tips in Hiring Candidates through a Remote Interview

Remote Interview

It’s unfortunate to see that hundreds upon thousands of jobs were lost due to the closure of businesses. This pandemic has not just placed a dent in the healthcare system, but also crushed the economy. Businesses have to furlough their employees due to the lack of income. You’re lucky if your business managed to continue its operation despite the situation. You might even have to hire more employees to meet the needs. 

For instance, businesses related to delivery have become more valuable. The same applies for streaming companies since most people are at home. If you have to hire more employees, you might not see them in person to conduct a face-to-face interview. Despite that, you can still pick the best candidate with these tips. 

Conduct an extensive background check 

You need to check the resume used for application. Make sure the information received is factual. You can also look at the social media pages of the candidate to check previous posts. Some companies have to fire their employees for previous insensitive, racist, or discriminatory posts. You can’t afford to have this type of employee in your team. 

Optimism is key during interview

During the interview, you can spot the specific qualities a candidate has. Of these qualities, you need to look for optimism. In today’s crisis, you need someone who remains positive. Given what’s going on, it would be challenging to find someone who can see the light at the end of a tunnel. You need this person to boost your team. Even your current employees might no longer feel good. You don’t want to add someone who will further drag the mood down. An optimistic person will also remain productive which is a good thing for the business. 

Call the references

Call the references

Apart from the interview, you will know more about the candidate through the references. It helps if you can call the persons listed as references on the resume. They will be honest in talking about the candidate and tell you if everything you know is correct. 

Ask questions related to working from home 

If you think your current method of operation will pursue over the next months, the employee you’re going to hire will most likely work from home. You need to know that you have someone capable of staying productive even while at home. You also need an independent and resistible employee who will excel despite limited supervision. If you can sense that the candidate will find it difficult to work remotely, you might have to find someone else. Under normal circumstances, the candidate might have the right qualities for the job. However, the current situation requires different standards. 

Take your time to look for the right person. Don’t suspend your plans to hire if you think that the post needs to be filled right now. You don’t want to pause all operations because you have a vacancy yet to fill. 

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