Dont Allow These Passive Aggressive Employees to Ruin Everything


No one wants todeal with people who are passive-aggressive. They tend to be the offender, but they let others believe that they were the one who got offended. They know how to play tricks on peoples minds to believe in them. As a team leader, you dont want to let these people ruin everything. You need to know who they are, and find a way to stop them from acting that way.

They give you a silent treatment

These people are usually fond of staying quiet when you talk to them, privately or during a meeting. They dont want their words to be taken against them. However, once the meeting is over, they end up spreading false information to everyone else. If you want them to avoid this practice, tell them that the meeting needs to be engaging. Dont proceed with any conversation if you cant get a guarantee that people involved will speak their minds out. Most of all, if you are talking about private issues, you need to let them know that the matter should remain within the room.

They tend to sulk

Even in thehappiest moments in the office, these people will still find a reason to sulk. They can easily suck the joy out of any situation. You need to tell them that there is an avenue for them to raise their concerns. If they dont likewhat you are doing as a leader, or they have some suggestions for improvement, tell them that your office is always open. By opening these channels for communication, you make it easy for them to say things in front of you instead of sulking.

They act like they forgot everything

Some employees tend to act like they didnt know what was going on, or if you assigned something to them. The best way is to put everything into writing. If you discussed the responsibilities during the meeting, you need someone taking down the minutes and letting people know afterward what the discussion was all about. You also need to post reminders in various channels like group messaging apps or bulletin boards for them to no longer have any excuse.

They act like they forgot everything

They will make you feel bad

These people have a way ofmaking you feel bad. They will try to reduce the value of your efforts. They will also make you think that you did not do enough to lead the team. You cant change people who have this attitude. You can either tell them to be team players or leave your team. This is true especially if they are negatively affecting everyone else. However, if you are the only one being targeted, you need to just brush things off. They can try their best to sink you, but if their words dont matter, nothing will happen.

You need to remain tough in every situation, and do your best to deal with people who have a passive-aggressive attitude.

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