This Pandemic Taught Us the Real Qualities a Leader Must Possess

Qualities of a Leader

We have different views in regards to the qualities of a leader. In a workplace, we think of a leader as someone who is smart and capable of doing a tough job. We also see a leader in someone who can make everyone follow orders and help the team achieve goals. Although these are excellent qualities, they’re not enough. This pandemic showed us what a real leader should look like. These are some of the qualities we need to see in a leader. 

Ability to make unpopular decisions 

When the idea of social distancing and business closure was introduced, it was met with resistance. People were strongly against it due to the possible economic repercussions. However, strong leaders who listened to experts decided that it was the right thing to do. It was unpopular and risky, but they took that risk anyway. Businesses need a person who wouldn’t mind making unpopular decisions if it can bring the team closer to success

Empathy has never been more important

People react to social distancing measures in many ways. For some, it was easy to follow stay-at-home orders. They have enough savings to keep them through the entire pandemic. Others even enjoyed the idea of being at home all the time to watch their favorite TV shows, and play endless video games. However, it’s not the same for others. People clamor to reopen the economy not because they want to have a haircut or go to a bar. They would like to get their job back and provide for the needs of the family. True leaders understand why some people have a different stance regarding the issue. They may disagree with it, but they understand why. They refrain from judging because they know that their circumstances aren’t the same. 

True leaders listen and decide 

True leaders listen and decide

Sure, it’s a good thing to have leaders with convictions. They follow what their gut tells them to do. They make good projections and are usually right. However, this pandemic showed that even the toughest leaders have no idea what the best decision should be. It’s a novel virus, and no one knows how to deal with it. Therefore, we have seen the best leaders listen before making a decision. They considered all sides and determined what’s in the best interest of the majority. 

It’s a tough call

There’s no guidebook to follow as a leader. Although some people think they’re born to be a leader, it’s not always the case. Leadership entails experience and ability to learn from them. This pandemic placed world leaders in a tough spot. The same goes for business leaders. Therefore, it showed what true leaders look like. Their stability in handling the crisis and empathy (or lack of them) for the people was visible. It should serve as a guide on how we choose future leaders. It should also help us determine how we can be an excellent leader in our respective communities. 

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