Signs that You are Doing a Great Job at Work

Job Well Done

When was the last time that you have felt great about your job? Perhaps, it has been a long time ago since you gave yourself a pat in the back and said that you have done well. It could be because you set a very high standard on what it means to do a great job. It could also be because you are too devoted on the output that you no longer enjoy the process.

There are signs that you can look at for you to say that are doing well and you should go easy on yourself.

You come to meetings with solutions

meetings with solutions

It is easy to come to a meeting and bring lots of issues to resolve. You bring up previous issues and end up with even more issues. However, the moment you come to a meeting feeling positive about it and with solutions instead of problems, it is a sign that you are doing well. Instead of telling people that they are wrong or their solutions are inappropriate, you can tell them that you have an idea for them to think about. At the same time, you should also be receptive of what they are to tell you.

You can prioritize tasks

It is easy to get overwhelmed when you have a lot on your plate. When you realize that even if you are dealing with a lot of things and you can still set your priorities straight, you are definitely doing well. It is even better when you start recognizing the value of what you are doing and how it positively impacts the company.

You still have time to learn something new

You are too efficient in managing your time that you already have enough time to do something new. Yes, you are busy but you don’t allow your multiple responsibilities to stop you from discovering something. In the end, you don’t stop just because you feel like you are already doing well with your job. You keep on growing as an employee, but also as a person.

You don’t just deal with emails

It is easy to say that you are very productive when you have written and sent a lot of emails. The truth is that it is never a sign that you are productive. You will realize that when you have already sent lots of emails and still feel like you have not accomplished anything. You can do emails any time. During office hours, find something to do that is worth the time.

You can say no to a task

This does not mean you are a disobedient employee. Saying no means that you can justify what you are doing and you know exactly how you can maximize your potentials. You say no because you think that you are more useful elsewhere. You also say no because you believe that someone else is more capable of doing the job. As such, these tasks don’t fall on the hands of the wrong person.

You don’t feel burnt out

This is the ultimate test of how well you are doing with your work. Even if you have done a lot and you still have a lot to do, you have the energy to do them and you don’t feel burnt out at all.

Give yourself a break and recognize the good things that you have accomplished. You deserve it. a

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