Possible Reasons Why Employees Don’t Trust the Management Team

Trusting Management Team

It’s unfortunate if employees don’t trust the people in the management team. The success of every organization depends on the level of trust people have with one another. If some employees feel like they couldn’t trust the people on top, it might affect their performance. These are some reasons for the management team failing to earn the trust of the people they work with.

Lack of engagement and presence

As the saying goes, “don’t trust a stranger”. It’s the same with any business. You can’t trust someone you don’t see. When people running the company aren’t visible, it’s difficult for them to obtain the trust of those who are in their team. They will feel like the bosses don’t care enough about them, or their tasks, for them to even show up.

Engagement also means transparency. Policy decisions affecting employees should be made public. Employees also need to have a say in regards to these policies. When the management team meets in secret and failed to consult anyone, it sends a message that they have something to hide.

Focus on image

Employees respect bosses who care about the company and its values. They don’t respect those who only care about profits and quarterly numbers. When talking to your employees, it’s important for you to show that you care about the company and how it provides services to a lot of people. In decision-making, it’s always about what you can do for others and not what people will do to keep the business successful.

Issues of corruption

Issues of corruption

When people on top are receiving way more than those who are actually working hard on the ground, some employees already find it hard to accept. However, they have no choice because most companies are run that way. The problem gets worse when there are issues of corruption on top. When the people running the business are more focused on how to enrich themselves rather than the overall success of the company, it could erode the trust of every employee.

Poor product quality

The first group of people you need to impress with what you’re selling are your employees. If you can’t even win their hearts, you can’t expect to win the hearts of your target audiences. Worse, some of your employees might resign because they don’t take pride in the brand. When people ask them about these products, they feel embarrassed. It also has something to do with the lack of priority on product quality. If you want your employees to trust your brand, you need to show to them that you have products they can be proud of.

You can’t allow your employees to lack trust in your and the entire management team. You want them to feel that they can trust you so they remain passionate about their work.

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