Most People Think These Practices Will Hurt Productivity. Not Necessarily.


You might have heard of several pieces of advice on how to become more productive. If you want to do well in your job or run a successful business, you must follow this advice. Just remember though that they don’t apply to all people. There is no secret formula that works best for everyone.

Perhaps, a lot of people have done well using those advices, but don’t force yourself to follow the same path. Here are some of the most common practices people think are hurting your productivity, but not necessarily.

Waking up late

waking up late

Of course, it helps a lot if you wake up early. You can do more during the day. You even have more time to hit the gym, finish errands and do work related tasks. The down side is that you might also get tired earlier. This is why if your work does not require you to wake up early, don’t do it. You have your own system when working. If you are the type who works late at night, go ahead and do it. Perhaps, your brain works best at night. The point is that there are people who are early birds while others are night owls. Don’t feel bad if you just can’t wake up early.

Working for shorter hours

Obviously, when you work for shorter hours, you also tend to finish less. This idea is wrong in a sense that quantity does not necessarily equate to quality. Even if you have only allotted a few hours for work if you have done a tremendous job in that span of time, you have performed better than your co-workers. There are also studies that revealed people who tend to work for longer hours are not necessarily productive. Some of them just would like to show off so they will get promotion. The point is that you get things done according to your own pace.

Have a messy work space

There are people who just could not concentrate in a messy environment. They always have the tendency to clean up whatever mess there is before they can start working again. On the other hand, there are those who thrive in a messier work space. They feel better and are more motivated when they see physical chaos. According to studies, these people have a more abstract sense of organization. They think better when placed in a messy situation as opposed to a more organized environment.

Being stressed out  

Try to avoid stress whenever possible. There are certain illnesses that exist because of stress. However, some studies have shown that when you feel a little stress, it means you become tougher. Your brain is better equipped to handle difficult situations in life. It also means that you are passionate with what you are doing as you feel too concerned about it that you are already stressed out. Just make sure you don’t become too stressed out as it is unhealthy.

These realities don’t necessarily suggest that you should be lazy or messy. The point is that we all have our individual working styles. We have to find a way in which we can make the most out of our strengths and not just follow other people’s advice simply because it worked for them.

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