Look for Regular People to Pose as Models for Your Business

Business Models

Instead of grabbing free stock photos online, it’s better if you decide to hire models to pose ok any of the advertising materials you intend to use. You can attract more attention by using these models. Also, instead of hiring professional models, you can look for regular people to be your ambassadors 


The primary reason for hiring these people is that you need to be relatable. You want models whom people can identify with. Otherwise, no one would buy your products. They would think that those items are not suitable for them, and they would be better off with other choices. 



Another reason why you would want to partner with real models is that you want to appear authentic. You don’t want people to view your business as being too ideal that it’s no longer realistic. The problem with professional models is that they’re not necessarily the ones who use your products. It might even be frustrating for some people when they see that the products look good ok the model, but way different on them. 

Easy to find

You can look for ordinary people who are users of your products. It’s easier to find them than professional models. You don’t even need to pay them for their services. You can have your relatives and friends pose for your business. They would love to do it for free. If not, you can open it in social media and ask help from your followers. They might want to pose for you not for fame, but because they believe in your products.

Use testimonials

Another strategy is to use testimonials. Yes, a picture says a thousand words, but sometimes, people need actual words. It’s crucial to provide testimonials so that your target audience will understand what previous customers have to say. Even if they only say a few lines, it’s enough for people to be convinced that the product is effective. Conversely, when you ask a commercial model to do it, the same effect might not be achieved. 

Times have changed 

Back then, professional models were the best people to hire if your goal is to promote your company. Your target audiences want to have an ideal world, and these models could offer it. These days, people prefer authenticity. They want what’s best for them in the eyes of people who are exactly like them. 

Therefore, if your strategy is still to maximize the use of professional models over regular people, you’re heading in the wrong direction. Even top brands are doing the necessary adjustments because of the wide clamor from their target audience. For instance, lingerie brands don’t Rey only on fit and firm models to walk the runway. They also hire curvaceous models because they represent a majority of the audiences they cater to. 

If you retain an outdated strategy, you might lose your appeal and your competitors will take over.

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