Listening to Customer Feedback is Good, But Not to All of Them

Customer Survey

It is important to listen to what your customers have to say. As the old line goes, the customer is always right. However, this does not mean you have to accommodate everything that they have to say. It is still important for you to be selective in screening the feedback or else it could be devastating for your business.

The first reason why it is detrimental to accommodate all these comments is that they all have different words to say. There are comments that seem to move you in different directions. Of course, you can’t go left and right at the same time just to accommodate all of their requests.

Another reason is that you know your product best. This is true especially if you have been in the business for so long. You also have a vision of what your product would look like or where your business is heading in the future.

Don’t just make modifications

Sometimes, it is great if you show to your loyal customers that they are being heard by making modifications whenever necessary. If the suggestion is quite strong and everyone else across the board agrees with it, perhaps it is time to reconsider. However, if these are just random thoughts on what has to be modified, it doesn’t help to act on them right away. Analyze the move first before doing anything. You might end up pleasing one person through that modification, but piss off everyone else.

Look into the financial impact on your business

It is easy for people to comment on products and services. They will tell you that your products need more or the taste of the food you are selling has to be improved. However, when these changes are applied, they could also affect the operational cost. You might end up with more losses. Make sure that these improvements won’t in any way; affect the price of the products being sold in a drastic way.

Don’t just read what they say

Customer Feedback

In the age of social media, getting people’s responses in real time is easy. The truth is that this is not the only way for you to determine what they really feel. Instead of just looking at what they say in social media, observe their behavior. Check if the changes made in your business made them patronize you even more. Analyze the growth of your business after the implementation of the changes. This is where the money is. Social media is a good way to gauge people’s reaction, but it is not representative of all your patrons.

In short, you need to be selective on what you listen to. There is nothing wrong in taking consideration what people have to say, but you should not listen to all of them. Not only will it make you go crazy, it will also not change anything in your business. Constantly analyze their demands and make changes if necessary.

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