It Might be Time to Redefine Your Company’s Goals

Redefining Company Goals

Every company has a goal. Everyone works to achieve these goals. In fact, you only hire employees who understand the direction where the company is heading, and are a perfect fit. A goal-driven business has huge potential to succeed. The problem is that these goals might not be right in the first place. It could be high time to redefine the company’s goals.

Whose interest are these goals serving?

When the goals were formulated, whose interest was in mind? Is it really to provide services to the people, or it is about enriching the people on top? Will the employees also benefit from these goals? Answering these questions will help you redefine what your business stands for, and what it ought to achieve.

Who made these goals?

Some businesses started with only a few people. They thought about these goals before proceeding with the other aspects of the company. It was a good thing to have even thought of the goals and use them as guiding stars. The problem is that the company no longer looks the same. Even the structure has changed. The few people who initiated the business might have limited perspectives when they founded the company. The new members should have a say, and could also try to steer the business in a different direction.

Where do the employees enter the picture?

employee goal

Employees play a crucial role in the success of the business. What role did they play in the formulation of the goals? Were they consulted? Are any of these goals about them, and how they can benefit? These questions are crucial since employees have to stay motivated. If they don’t see themselves in the equations, it would be difficult for the company to survive. The goals exist, but only a few people understand what they are, or what they intend to do. The lack of motivation could even hinder the employees from doing an excellent job even if they have great potentials.

What changes have taken place?

Goals have to be redefined to adapt to the changes in society. Otherwise, companies will fail. Let’s take Nokia as an example. It used to be the leader in mobile technology. The company has produced some of the best and most innovative mobile phones. However, when Apple popularized the smartphone, Nokia decided to keep the goals and operate the same way. It paved the way for the company’s irrelevance, and eventual downfall. Although it’s making a comeback, the damage has been done. Therefore, you need to think about how you can adapt to changes, and it starts with the goals. If your goals are old and aren’t reflective of societal changes, they no longer make sense. Even if you succeed in achieving them, nothing will happen to your business.

Take time to ponder on these issues and redefine the goals. Don’t be stubborn since it could end your business. The goals are the foundation of your company, and they have to be right.  

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