How to be a More Accessible Leader to Your Employees

Accessible Leader

It’s painful to hear that your employees think your inaccessible. It feels like you don’t care about them. Before you react, you have to evaluate your performance first. The feedback might be correct, and you’re just not aware of it. These tips will allow you to be more accessible to the employees and improve your relationship with them.

Don’t lock your office door

Don’t lock your office door

You might be the type of leader who prefers that employees make an appointment first before seeing you. Considering how busy you are, it might be understandable. However, if you continue this practice, everyone will think that they couldn’t get to you. If possible, you have to drop it and open your doors to them if they have anything to tell you. Literally opening your office door is an invitation for your employees to come and talk to you. 

Some of them might have excellent ideas, and you can only get them if they have an easy access to you. Others might have issues at work, and they want to raise the problem to you immediately. If you can’t open your doors to them, these problems could blow up beyond control. 

Have a dinner with your employees

At least once a month, you should go out on a dinner with your employees. It’s an opportunity for you to get to know them outside the work environment. They will also know who you are while you’re not serving in a leadership capacity. While you’re outside, you can talk about anything and not limit your discussion to work-related issues. You can even form a bond with those whom you don’t normally speak with at work. 

Call random employees to talk to you

If you’re not too busy, you can invite an employee over to speak with you in private in your office. It doesn’t have to be about work. You can talk about anything that might be interesting for both of you. You might even get something from this conversation that could help boost the company. Employees will also feel special if you give them enough time and attention. Others might also go through a difficult time in their life, and it feels good to know that you care about them.

Let everyone know that you’re always available if they need you

The reason why your employees think that you’re difficult to access is that you’re not clear about it. Let them know that they can come to you any time, and you will talk to them about any concerns. 

Leave notes on their table 

Leaving a note is an invitation to talk. It shows that you know every employee and you appreciate their work. It means a lot for employees to know that they’re seen. You don’t even have to say a lot of words. Even a simple thank you would suffice. Next time, they will be more confident to come to you and start a conversation. 

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