Hiring a Firm to Fire Your Employees is a Terrible Idea

Firing Employees

Firing employees is definitely something that you do not want to do. For those who have been with you for a long time, the termination could be painful. You do not want to deal with the drama of having to fire someone who is close to you. Sadly, you cannot keep the employee since the business is on the line. 

Some companies prefer hiring a firm to deal with employee termination. They let the firm come up with strategies to do the announcement and try different actions if the employee decide to react negatively. 

Although this sounds like a great idea, the truth is that it is terrible in all aspects. To begin with, if you hired the employee, you need to have the guts to also fire. It is a sign of weak leadership if you could not even take it upon yourself to let go of someone who does not perform well on the job.

It also seems disrespectful that you cannot tell to someone’s face that you disliked the work performance and you decide to terminate the employment. You had to pay another company to do the job that should have been easily handled internally. 

Parting in good terms

You can expect violent reactions from someone whom you are going to fire from work. It is understandable considering that the person has no more source of income. It is quite impossible for you to part in good terms. There will always be a bad feeling after firing. However, you are making things worse if you could not even fire the employee yourself. If you treat the person as a family member, the least that you can do is have the courage to talk to that employee and provide the reasons for letting go. 

Some employees just need an explanation

Although it would be tough for some employees to understand their decision, they will come to a point when they will understand what you have done. The key is to give them the reasons for firing. If you provide concrete examples that made you decide to take such actions, your employee will not take it against you.

Some firms could be too tough

When you are firing the employee, you might be more considerate because you know how terrible it feels to get fired. For firms which has the primary job of firing people, they could be bordering cruel when they make decisions. They will fire someone mercilessly and even threaten the person when a violent reaction was expressed. You do not want to end things that way. It is inhumane and will only make everything worse.

Given these reasons, you need to find the courage to handle the problem internally. It will never be easy but it has to be done. Lay out the clear reasons for firing and everything will fall into place.


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