Give Back to Your Employees This Holiday Season

holiday season

The holidays is a time of giving. You have been blessed the entire year or at least you have survived all the struggles. It is now the time for you to show your appreciation to those who have helped you pull through. For a business person like you, success is mostly because of your employees who have worked relentlessly. It is time to make them happy by giving back to them.

Let them show how their work impacted the business

Big tasks are divided to different employees. They normally do what is asked of them- a share of the pie to get a bigger job done. Sadly, they don’t see what happens if they fail to perform what is asked of them. This holiday season, show to them just how big their contribution is to the team. Let them know that you feel blessed to have them on your side and what they have done to put the business where it is now.

Employees don’t just stay on the job for money. They also work because they want to feel important. By letting them know how much they have done for the company, they will work harder and they will stay longer.

Hear their thoughts

How often do you listen to your employees? Do you ask them how to improve your company? If not, this is the time to do so. This might not mean a lot to you, but it does to them. You might not follow their advice eventually, but at least you listen to what they say. They would feel more important if you take time from your busy schedule to sit down and hear their thoughts. Besides, some of the most brilliant ideas come from people you least expect.

Recognize them for their hard work


Employees would love to receive something tangible during the holidays. Receiving gifts would make them feel special. However, a simple personalized thank you note would already suffice. By recognizing them in different ways for what they have done, they will be touched. Positive performance reviews and recognition during feedback sessions would surely motivate them. However, you should also consider salary raise and bonuses. The holidays are too expensive and they would feel great taking something home for their families.

This should not just end during the holidays

Monetary rewards and other forms of recognitions are a huge help in boosting the morale of your employees. Let them feel special in the best way you can possibly think of. However, you need to remember that this should not just start and end during the holidays. Providing positive feedback, listening to their thoughts and making them feel a part of the team should be done the entire year. They must be provided with opportunities to grow better personally and professionally.

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