Enticing Millennial to Work for Your Small Business

Enticing Millennial

Getting millennials to work for your company is a good thing. They are young, driven, energetic and optimistic. They have the right attitudes you need to grow your company. They also know how to follow instructions or innovate depending on the situation. The only problem is that they are quite picky when it comes to work. Regardless of the availability of job, they will still prefer getting one that they are comfortable with. Here are some tips on how to make them decide working for you.

Let them feel they’re getting a stable job

This is one aspect that millennials tend to be very particular about. They want to work for a company where they know they can stay long without being kicked out anytime for as long as they are doing their job well. They also want other benefits aside from their monthly salary. If you can offer subsidized health care, paid leave, retirement plans and other benefits, they might grab the chance.

getting a stable job

Assistance in student loans repayment

Student loans are a huge issue among millennials. They might have gotten a degree but they spend a lifetime paying for it. On average, they pay $351 just to pay for these loans. If they can get a job where they get assistance in paying the student loans, it would be attractive for them. Even just a $100 per month would already go a long way. The said amount go directly to the student loans.

Support their aspirations to advance

Let them know that working for your company does not mean they are staying in the same position forever. Make them realize that they have opportunities to move up the ladder. They just need to work hard. Present them with pathways to climb up from their current position. If they intend to study further, let them know that your company might also provide educational funds. Offering them free mentorship programs, seminars and workshops might also help. As long as they don’t feel like they are stagnant in their job, they will most likely grab the opportunity.

Be flexible

Millennials are very hard working, but they also understand the value of relaxation. Don’t make them feel as if the nature of their job is too tough that they won’t have any other time left to do whatever they want. If they can see how much time they can have outside work, it would be more convincing for them.

It takes time getting the best of the millennials. For sure, those who are cream of the crop have huge companies waiting for them. It is up to you on how you can move them towards your side. With the right opportunities and privileges, you might as well tempt them to get a job from your company.

Rest assured, hiring millennials who are really sincere and hardworking will do everything possible to give back to your company.

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