Avoid These Possible Mistakes When Promoted to a Leadership Role

leadership role

You work hard for a company because you want to improve yourself, and also hope that one day, get a promotion. However, when you get that promotion, you panic because you dont know what to do. People look up to your leadership this time, and you might not meet their expectations. You also have a lot of questions in your mind and a lot of decisions to make.

It is easy for you to commit mistakes when you are in such a position especially if you are yet to learn a lot of things. You can succeed as a leader by avoiding these things.

Complicating things

You think that you need to arrange a rigid plan when you are a leader. You also think of conducting several meetings a week or having goals that are quite impossible to reach. You have a lot going on in your mind right now so your decisions might be complicated for a lot of people. Try to simplify things. If you are unsure of your decisions, consult with the people you are working with. You will still make the decisions in the end, but at least, it wont be overwhelming for them because they were a part of the process.

You think that you are the commander

When you are pushed up to a leadership role, it is easy to fall for the idea that people look up to you, and you need to give commands. This is not necessarily what a leader does. You dont command, but you lead. You help everyone get through with their work. You encourage dialogue. You find a way for them to be better. In contrary, it also does not mean that you micromanage. You cant be there to check on your employees in every step of the way just because you are their leader now. Be there for them when they need you, but allow them to learn and discover things on their own.

You expect a lot

too much pressure on your shoulders

You feel too much pressure on your shoulders now that you are the leader, and your instinct is to pass on this pressure to your employees. You expect a lot from them, and you give them several tasks to finish. You also want them to work on another task even if they are yet to finish their previous task. This is how you create a toxic environment, and before you know it, even your most trusted employees start walking away from the company.

You prioritize process above people

You are too concerned about having meetings, planning for future activities, and reaching goals. You want everything to be planned in detail. Being organized is totally understandable. The problem is that you might end up sacrificing your employees because you want them to do a lot of things. They can only perform well if they are doing well. Therefore, you also need to think about their well-being and not only keep your eyes on the goals you want to achieve.

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