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Tips in Dealing with Troublemakers at Work

When you interview potential candidates for a post, you know that they’re putting their best foot forward. Therefore, it’s easy to get tricked in believing that someone is a perfect fit for the job. During the interview, you’re not only looking for skills and confidence. You also want to find someone with the right attitude.

Ways to Avoid Intimidating Your Employees

You might not notice it, but you have the tendency to be intimidating to your employees. They won’t even tell you how they feel because they fear your possible reaction. You might think that it’s a good thing for them to respect and follow you. However, when they start to feel intimidated, it’s a different

Tips to Protect Your Employees Against Abusive Customers

It’s no longer appropriate to think that customers are always right. It has been proven time and again that they can be obnoxious, irresponsible, and abusive. In the efforts of some companies to protect their potential profits, they don’t do anything about the behavior. Employees end up being abused, and they can’t do anything about

Acceptable Ways to Decline a Job Offer

Once you received a job offer, you will feel very excited about it. You worked hard to get that job. However, there are instances when you felt like that job isn’t a match for you. As such, it’s in your best interest to decline the offer. These are some tips to help you say no