You Deserve More Credit than You Give Yourself as a Leader

Crediting Yourself as Leader

It is easy for you to pick on yourself when you fail or you feel like you have failed instead of giving yourself a pat in the back when you succeed. This could be your way of showing that you it is not enough for you to just be mediocre. You have to do more before you consider yourself successful as a leader.

The truth is that if you really want to be a better leader, you have to recognize your efforts. You have to find a way to make yourself feel rewarded. You have to give yourself more credit for what you have done.

You help make people more productive

The good thing about being a leader is you assign people to do work. You tell them what they can do to improve. You also make them feel like they really matter in the company. These might just be small things for you, but they are essential in making the business more productive. Without your leadership and guidance, it will be total chaos. This is something you do on a daily basis, but on a bigger picture, it really helps transform the business.

You give other people the chance to shine

You give other people the chance to shine

You might also not notice this, but when you let people do certain tasks, you allow them to shine. You let them find their inner voices. You make them try different things. In the process, you allow them to grow and feel their importance. This is a sign of a good leader. You don’t just do things for yourself. You are also helping others be better.

You make people learn values

Whether you are loved or hated, the point is that you make others learn. You let them realize their importance. You allow them to innovate, make decisions, expand their knowledge and even test their limits. This is how they learn essential values in life. Even if they decide to move on to other companies someday, at least they have gotten important because of you.

You listen to others

There might be instances when you talk to the people you work with not necessarily for job-related tasks. You just want to know them. There are others who might be going through a difficult path and you are there to listen to them. This helps a lot in making them feel better. You are being a good leader at this point.

You provide feedback

It is also your responsibility as a leader to provide feedback. Whether it is good or bad, the point is that you allow others to know how their performance. Even if it hurts them in the process, it is fine. You believe that this will help them grow. It is your job to make them realize important things in life.

You are doing a lot to help people in the business and you are a way better leader than you give yourself credit for.

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