You Can Improve Your Emotional Intelligence Through These Tips

emotional intelligence

Both mental and emotional intelligences are necessary to succeed in life. You can be the smartest person out there, but if you are not emotionally stable, it is difficult for you to survive an intense work environment. You can still improve your emotional intelligence by following these steps.

Take time to reflect

You need to take the time to think of what happened throughout the day. If you have felt bad during the day, you need to understand why. You should find out what caused such feeling and what you can do moving forward. You cant just leave that feeling behind and pretend that everything is okay.

Always learn to pause

When you are in a heated situation, you need to take time to pause. You cant respond to how you feel all the time. Go for a short walk or find a place where you can vent things out. Once you calm down, you can head back to the stressful environment and face it with courage. By then, you already have a clear mind and the ability to make sound decisions.

Speak calmly

Regardless of the situation, you need to speak with a calm voice. You have to practice yourself speaking this way so that you will not yell or scream when you are under a stressful situation. Sometimes, people end up in a difficult spot because of the volume of their voice.

Learn to say no

Learn to say no

The ability to say no is part of being emotionally mature. When you have reached this stage, it shows that you are already tough enough to face the consequences of declining something. The problem when you keep saying yes is that you end up keeping your feelings to please others. You might think it is a good idea, but it is not.

Ask for feedback

You will also be emotionally mature if you can handle feedback without feeling bad about it. You take time to process the feedback and find a way to improve yourself. When people say something bad about you or what you have done, you dont take it personally. Instead, you see it as their way of showing that they are concerned of you. Conversely, if you were commended for a job well done, you still assess how you can continue it.

You commend others

It is a good feeling to receive praises from others and being emotionally mature means that you also do the same to others. You are not selfish in giving praises especially to those who deserve such praise.

Learn to say sorry

Practicing to say sorry is also a sign of emotional maturity. It means that you acknowledge your fault and you are not too proud to avoid admitting it. Learning to say sorry also shows that you have already assessed the situation and you are willing to take the first step.

It takes time to be emotionally mature. Give yourself time to grow and learn. You also need to learn from your experiences to handle future situations well.

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