Why Let Go of an Employee Who is Determined to Leave

Letting Go of Employee

Employees resign for different reasons. Some are still thinking about it, while others are already decided. When you face a resignation from an asset in your company, it’s hard to accept it. You might even set a conversation to stop this person from leaving. Besides, you don’t want to go through the process again. It’s hard to find someone to fill the post and train the new employee to do the same job. However, when the person is determined to leave, you have no choice but to accept it. Regardless of the reason, you must end in good terms. Here’s why.

We run in circles

This employee might leave, but there’s always a chance to come back. You want to welcome that employee with open arms if it happens. If you sever ties now, it’s not easy reconnecting later. Again, you understand the value of this employee and you know other companies are lucky to experience it too. When that person eventually decides to come back, you know there are more benefits from it.

Leaving isn’t easy

Leaving isn’t easy

Deciding to leave a post isn’t easy. Some people do it for financial reasons. They’ve found a new job where they can get a higher pay. Others decide to move elsewhere to start over again. You might also have employees who aren’t in the best physical shape and are stepping down to take care of themselves. If it’s hard for you to let them go, it’s even harder for them to make that decision. Once they’ve made up their mind, it’s over. There’s no point in having a conversation. Ask the question once and accept the resignation. You can tell if the person is still having second thoughts. Otherwise, no further conversation can change their decision.

Show how supportive you are

Your acceptance of the resignation isn’t only a good thing for the person who wants to leave, but is a sign of excellent leadership. You’re telling the other employees that you won’t harbor bad feelings when someone decides to go. You also send a message that even if that person is an asset, you will survive. You will continue running the business the way it should. If someone leaves, the others might be inspired to do the same. You don’t want it to happen. Show a stable hand whenever possible.

You can offer the opportunity to someone else

Perhaps there’s another person in your team who wants that post. This person is taking a step back because the other one is more capable. Now is the chance to let that person step up and take over. See this resignation as an opportunity to promote other capable employees.

It’s not easy letting go of an asset, but the only way forward is acceptance. It’s how the world goes. You might even decide to leave your post at some point. If it happens, you know that you have done a great job while you’re there.

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