Ways to Stop Employees from Going Rogue on Social Media

Employees Going Rogue

There’s no question about the importance of social media in shaping companies these days. It’s easier to promote a brand using these platforms. They’re also affordable. Small businesses rely on social media to market their products and establish a brand. While social media can be beneficial, it can also lead to issues. For instance, dissatisfied employees might end up ranting on the platform. They will say things that could harm the company. While you don’t expect everyone to be loyal, you also hope no one goes rogue. These tips can prevent it from happening.

Don’t give them a reason to rant

Treat your employees well. They won’t express dissatisfaction if they’re treated with love and respect. Sure, they won’t be perfect but there’s no reason to humiliate them. You should also pay them a reasonable amount, commensurate to their job description. There must also be a clear human resource policy that all employees can refer to if there are disputes. If they know there’s a department they can run to if they face a problem, they won’t go online to rant.

Be transparent

It’s easy to sweep things under the rug. Some employers would rather pretend everything is going well than to tell the truth. The key is to be transparent. You want your employees to trust the leadership team. If such trust can’t be established, they won’t mind saying their frustrations online. Worse, employees might even post false claims or conspiracy theories as a result of the lack of transparency.

Don’t punish employees for reporting

Don’t punish employees for reporting

Make it clear to everyone that it’s possible to express frustrations with leadership without facing consequences. Employees can express their views during meetings or file complaints to the human resources without fear. Again, if such an option isn’t established, these people will go online and express their anger. You will still investigate the report and it might turn out to be false. Either way, employees shouldn’t fear being punished.

Social media engagement isn’t a crime

Your employees are human beings and they most likely have social media accounts across platforms. They also interact with other people. Sometimes, they express comments about social issues. They might even talk to people they don’t personally know. As long as there’s no bad intention, you don’t have to punish them for these interactions. They might also post something about their work, but their frustrations are normal. It’s not necessarily a judgment of the company, but the nature of working hard for several hours a day.

The point is you want your employees to feel good about their job. You also want them not to be afraid of using social media. Perhaps, the best way to avoid them from going rogue is to expand your definition of rogue. Unless there’s no effort to bring your company down, there’s no point in punishing your employees. When you give them more leeway and treat them right, you can only expect good words to come out of their posts.

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