Tips When Dealing With Office Interns

Office Interns

When you have office interns, their primary goal is to learn the industry. They’re probably on their last year in college or have just recently graduated. They want to know more about the job as they prepare for their respective careers. If you have interns, you’re lucky. They will add to your workforce and some are excellent in doing their job. Here’s how you should manage them.

Create an orientation session

Create an orientation session

Interns must know their roles and responsibilities. They should also understand office policies, including the dress code and absences. You want them to act like they’re your employees. The orientation allows them to know these details and ask questions. Everything is clear before they start the job.

Prepare your staff

Your current employees must also prepare for the arrival of the interns. They must know what the interns are supposed to do and what is expected of them. They should also realize that these interns aren’t personal secretaries. They’re there to learn and not to make coffee. Sometimes, employees will abuse the interns’ presence and ask them to do things they shouldn’t.

Set assessment criteria

You also want the interns to leave the office with a clear understanding of their prospective career path. You should tell them what the assessment criteria are and how you’re going to evaluate them. You also partner with their respective universities and must send reports about the interns’ performance. You want to be objective in evaluating them.

Give daily tasks

Some interns come to work without knowing what to do. They’re always on their phone since they feel bored. Make sure the daily tasks are clear. You can also setup weekly tasks or projects. They should feel useful. Otherwise, they will spend the entire month not learning anything.

Provide interns with equipment

Again, you must treat your interns like regular employees. They can’t do their tasks if they don’t have access to equipment. You must let them use computers and other relevant devices. They should also have access to the office supplies. They will work faster when they have the right resources.

Allow them to report to you directly

Some interns get abused because they have no means of raising concerns. Therefore, it must be clear to everyone that interns report to you directly. If they experience advances at work, they can let you know. You can also hold anyone accountable for the unwanted actions.

Conduct regular check-ins

You have too many things going on at once, but it doesn’t excuse you from not checking in on your interns. Make sure you walk around the office to see that they’re doing the expected tasks. You also want your presence felt.

You were once an intern and you knew how it felt to be among the lowest ranks in the corporate environment. Make sure these interns are treated well. You might also hire some of them after they receive their degrees.

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