Tips in Dealing with Troublemakers at Work

Troublemakers at Work

When you interview potential candidates for a post, you know that they’re putting their best foot forward. Therefore, it’s easy to get tricked in believing that someone is a perfect fit for the job. During the interview, you’re not only looking for skills and confidence. You also want to find someone with the right attitude. After going through all the candidates, you will stick with someone who checks all the boxes. 

The problem is that you end up with someone who doesn’t only have a terrible attitude, but is also causing trouble at work. Since you already hired this employee, you need to follow these tips in dealing with the problem. 

Be honest about it

Be honest about it

There’s no other way to deal with this problem apart from getting straight into it. You can’t allow an employee with that attitude to assume that everything is okay. You’re making things worse to everyone else in the office. Besides, some of your employees will take matters into their hands. Before it gets there, you have to find a way to solve it. 

Be specific in giving examples 

Some people who display a bad behavior at work aren’t even aware that they act that way. Therefore, if you want to make them realize what’s wrong, you have to provide a specific example. You also need to explain why the behavior shown was inappropriate or uncalled for. 

Conduct a team building activity

The problem might not be limited to just one person. It’s possible that there’s generally an issue with everyone in the office. The best way to deal with the issue is by conducting a team building activity. You want your employees to realize that the compact will only succeed when everyone cooperates. Hosting this activity might help promote a more collaborative atmosphere at work. 

Offer warnings

If you think that the employee is beyond control and the conversation you had in the past didn’t change anything, it might be time to offer serious warnings. If things still don’t change from this point, you can consider firing the employee. The good thing is that you offered a warning before you decide to let go. 

Be a role model

The reason why some employees cause trouble is that they don’t see a potential punishment for their action. They can also see some terrible behaviors at work that are left unseen. It’s not only about behaviors related to interactions, but in dealing with finances. If some of your employees notice that even bosses have a terrible attitude, they won’t feel motivated to do well. Before you keep telling people to be nice with each other and avoid causing trouble, you have to do the first step. 

Hopefully, you can reverse the problem and change the negative behavior. You can’t let it stay for a long time since it will have a terrible impact to the rest of the employees. Even their productivity level could also be on the line. 

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