Things You Tell Yourself That Prevent You from Being Productive at Work

Work Productivity

Being productive at work means is important. You want to have enough time to do other things if you finished all your pending tasks. You also don’t want to panic at the last minute because you still didn’t do what you have to finish. The problem might be the words you tell to yourself. These words prevent you from being productive.

There’s still enough time left 

Procrastinating isn’t getting you anywhere. If you keep telling yourself that you still have time left, it will be gone before you know it. Therefore, you need to be smart in using your time. Don’t wait until the deadline before you start working. Time flies quickly, and you need to move with it.

It’s too difficult 

It’s understandable that some tasks are difficult. You will have a hard time finishing them. However, it doesn’t mean you can’t do them. By concentrating on the task, you can finish it on time. Besides, you can always ask for help. Talk to your boss if you don’t know how to do the assigned task. You can also ask your colleagues if they’re familiar with what you’re dealing with. 

Others aren’t working hard either

If you keep comparing yourself with your fellow employees, you won’t achieve anything. If you see them chatting with each other during work time, it doesn’t mean you have to do the same. If they can’t finish their tasks, they will be responsible for it in the same way that you will be responsible if you failed to do yours. Besides, some of them are chatting because they’ve already finished what is expected of them. If you’re not yet at that point, you can’t compare yourself to them. You will just end up delaying your tasks since you spent your time doing things you shouldn’t. 

The boss is nice 

The boss is nice

Just because your boss is nice doesn’t mean you have to take advantage of it. You can’t always make excuses for not finishing your responsibilities on time because you know your boss is going to forgive you. Besides, it won’t stay the same way forever. If you keep testing the limits, you will be surprised with what your boss can do when enraged. 

You have to stop telling these things to yourself if you want to be productive at work. Focus on your tasks and be organized. List the things you need to finish and when you need to finish them. You can also list the people you have to consult if there are tasks that you have a hard time doing. If their help will hasten the process, it would be great. 

However, if you think that you have a lot on your plate and it prevents you from being productive, you need to be honest about it to your boss. You can’t always burden yourself because there’s too much for you. 

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