Things You Do as a Boss That Makes Your Employees Feel Less Valued

Things You Do as a Boss

Making your employees feel appreciated is ideal. You want them to be motivated to work because they like you as a leader. You’re also steering the company in the right direction. However, the company’s success isn’t your only main responsibility. You also have to make your employees feel appreciated. Sometimes, you lose sight of what you must do. As a result, your employees feel less valued. They might think you only see them as machines to keep working without being appreciated for what they do. Here are some of your actions that could lead to such a terrible feeling among your employees.

You don’t say thank you

An expression of gratitude can go a long way. Your employees will appreciate it when you say thank you or good job when you see that they have done something good at work. If you just expect them to do well and not show signs of appreciation, they will feel less valued. Worse, they might decide to leave and work elsewhere. 

You’re too demanding

Your employees work hard. They do their assigned tasks and even more. Therefore, when you’re too demanding, it makes them feel less valued. They might think that the efforts they have exerted are not enough to satisfy you. While the job can be stressful and everyone gets busy, you should slow down. Make sure you assign tasks to the right people and not overwhelm one. 

Noticing only the mistakes 

Imagine your employees feeling terrible because even if they felt that they have done a good job, you’ve only noticed the bad one. They made one mistake and you can’t stop talking about it. You keep reminding them of this error and forget everything that they have done over the years. 

Not giving them a voice 

Not giving them a voice

Your employees must have a voice in the process. You can’t leave the job only to your executive team. While some decisions are better left to the people on top, there are ways that regular employees can contribute. Let them say something during a meeting and allow them to have a seat on the table. It shows that you listen and you’re not only deciding based on what you believe is right. 

You’re not rewarding results

While thank you might be enough for some, others need more. Employees who have exerted a lot of efforts and have proven their worth multiple times deserve more. They need a raise or a promotion. Choose a reward that fits the contribution. Be fair in assessing your employees and don’t show biases. 

Always be cautious of your actions. You don’t want your employees to leave because they don’t feel like they belong. Worse, you will see them jumping to your competitors where there’s a better work environment. You have a lot to do as a leader and making your employees feel valued should be among your top priorities. 

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