These People Dont Deserve a Job Promotion

Job Promotion

There was a time when companies promote employees based on seniority. Whether or not they deserve such promotions, they are elevated to another post because of how long they have been in service. These days, companies start moving away from this tradition. Instead of seniority, employees are promoted because of merits.

Aside from looking at the qualities of people you should promote, you also need to look at the attitude of the people who dont deserve a promotion. These are the qualities of employees whom you should not promote.

They always feel like they are the hero

It is problematic working with these people because they always want to be the center of attention. They feel like everything will fall apart in their absence. They think that they are the most important person in any team and they always have to be pleased. People are promoted to leadership roles not to be dictators and gods, but to serve the rest of the team.

They only command

higher position

Leaders are also followers. It is useless if they are always making commands, but they dont do anything themselves. They will make people feel pressured. They create chaos all the time because they dont even help those who are in need. You dont want these people on top because they will most likely fail, and bring the entire company with them.

They dont have the skills required

Leadership is only a part of the reason why you promote someone to a higher role. Apart from being able to lead the team, you need to promote someone who can do what the rest can do. It is easy for them to supervise or check what everyone else does when they can do the same. If they dont have the required skills, they will be blind leaders. Their members will laugh at them because they can do better. No one will believe in them because the members know that they dont know what they are talking about.

They have a really strong personality

It is good to have someone in position who is assertive and even aggressive to a certain degree. You need these people to step up and take the lead. However, you cant afford having someone who is a bully. It is not bad to have someone who can explain to people what they need to do or tell them what they have to accomplish. It becomes a problem when they scream at people or command them like crazy.

They dont pursue anything

These people have ideas that are worth a try. The problem is that they are only good with words. They keep throwing ideas they think they can do, but they dont do anything when given the opportunity. They back out when things get too tough.

You need to be careful whom you promote to top positions. You need people who have leadership skills and are courageous enough to do the right thing for the company. Choosing someone bad also means letting go of someone good. Therefore, you need to be smart.

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