Reasons Why Your Employees Might Quit This Year


Young adults are now a major part of the workforce. The group of people whom you hate because they only care about video gaming and social media are now entering different industries to work. Given their educational background and experience, you might decide to hire some of them. As they start to work, they gradually prove you wrong. You learned that these young employees have a lot to offer and they are for keeps.

Leaving the company is not under your control though. These people might decide that it is not in their best interest to stay. You have to anticipate the possibility that they will leave. These are some possible reasons why they would decide to quit this year.

They do not trust the company

They do not trust the company

When you were younger, your primary reason to enter the workforce is to earn enough money and save. These days, young people are becoming less selfish and more concerned about others. Therefore, they do not feel satisfied working with a company that is only profit-based. They also want companies that care about others and help solve problems. When they were already hired to do the job, they will know the ins and outs of the business. If they are turned off, they might decide to leave.

Your leadership is too old-fashioned

You might say that you have been in the industry for a long time and you have what it takes to lead. However, your previous experience might not be suitable with the demands of the modern times. As a result, you become too old-fashioned for these young employees. You still have tough rules on office fashion. You keep on calling people for a meeting even if it does not produce results. You micromanage the team because you don’t trust people to do their job. You do not consider people who are starting a family. If your way of thinking does not suit what these young professionals want, they will most likely leave.

You don’t invest in growth

These young employees do not want to be bombarded with routine tasks. They want to have the chance to learn a lot from their job experience. They may decide to leave or stay, but the point is that they want to get something out of their experience. If you do not care about their growth, these employees might decide to leave. Again, money is not the only reason for them to stay. They will look for other companies where they feel that they have lots of chances to grow.

They do not see the point

You need to have clear objectives and vision in running a business. Some employees do not care about it, but most young people do. They do not want to invest their time working for a company that does not contribute anything to the society. They also do not see the relevance of what they are working on to the bigger picture.

Given these reasons, you need to evaluate how you run the business, and how you can maximize the strong workforce that you have. Otherwise, you could lose them all this year.

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