Reasons Why Employees Decide to Jump to Your Direct Competitors

Direct Competitors

It is one thing to know that your employees decided to leave your company in pursuit of other career paths. Over the years, you already had enough resignations to even bother if someone else decided to leave. However, it is a different story when you knew that a long time employee decided to leave. Worse, that person decided to work with a direct competitor. If you do not have that clause in the employment contract, the employee has the legal right to pursue such a career. It is crucial for you to know the reasons behind such decisions since it could happen again. 

Low salary

Low salary

When you have an employee with top qualities and that person knows his worth, you cannot bargain and offer a low salary. At some point, you can expect the competitor to offer a better pay and that employee will not hesitate to grab the opportunity. 

No room for improvement

If you have quality employees, you cannot ask them to do the same thing each day. If there is no chance to move up the corporate ladder, you might see that person leave your company soon in pursuit of a different company with a top position on the line. 

Negative treatment

What kind of boss are you? If you are the type who keeps yelling at your employees and make them feel like garb age, you cannot expect to hold these employees for a long time. They might stand your treatment for a while because they need the job, but they will reach a point when they cannot tolerate you anymore. To spite you, they will jump to your direct competitors and help that company do a lot more than you. It should teach you a lesson to treat everyone working with you respectfully and professionally

The working environment

Employees talk to each other. It happens within an organization and among different organizations. You can hear employees from different companies talking to each other. In the process, they will know how the environment in other organizations feels like. Sometimes, it is enough for employees to jump ship. Even if they receive a good pay from you, they will still find other options. They want one with less pressure and where they feel like they are with family. 

These reasons are alarming and will tell you that even those who have been with you for a long time can still decide to leave to pursue other opportunities. You might understand their decision if it involves health and family. However, if they leave to work with your competitors, it raises the alarm. 

You cannot let this trend continue. The employee who left might also convince other employees who are still with you to leave and work with the other company. Avoid taking revenge at the employees who left. Instead, it needs to motivate you to treat your employees better than you do now.

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