Reasons for Keeping Retired Employees in the Loop

Retired Employees

When someone retires from your company, it doesn’t mean you should cut ties. These people have served your business and they deserve to be a part of the family. Besides, there are benefits to this effort. Here are some of them.

Your current employees will feel confident

Imagine working hard for a company that will think of you as a trash for disposal after retirement. It’s already hard to stop doing the same thing you’ve done for years. It’s even more difficult when you realize the company you served won’t care about you anymore. Therefore, when your existing employees see how much you value your retirees, they will feel better. They know that when it’s their turn to retire, they still have a family.

You might need connections

need connections

These employees have been around for years. They have connections in the industry and they will help grow the business. They might not do the same thing they used to do, but they can still be useful in other ways.

You might have other endeavors

Your business might also have a non-profit arm to help people in need. Your retirees can contribute to whatever project you have in mind. They might also help spread the word about your efforts.

It’s a way of showing gratitude

You can’t thank these retirees enough for what they have done to your business. The least you can do is to continue keeping them in the loop. They deserve to know what is going on. They must also be updated if there are company activities that they can get involved in. When they no longer have anything on their plate, they would be happy to be a part of your activities.

They can help recruit new employees

The best people to say something good about your business are the ones who understand the company’s core. These retirees have seen everything there is to see in your company. They can attest to its success. They can also convince others to join the family. They can speak truth since they understand the business and they were part of its growth.

You want to be a part of that family when you retire

Think about what happens to you when your days in the company are over. You won’t be on top forever. You will eventually step down and let someone else take the lead. Imagine if the company forgets you and not even recognize what you have done. It would be a terrible feeling. Therefore, it pays to make these retirees be a part of the family long after their retirement.

Think of ways to make the retired employees feel valued. Invite them when there are important events. Send out newsletters. Reach out via emails. There are many ways that they can be integral to your business even if they’ve already left.

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