Reasons for Allowing Your Employee to Take a Paid Study Leave

Paid Study Leave

When an employee request for a paid study leave, your immediate reaction is to say no. You don’t want to keep paying someone who doesn’t contribute to the company. Study leave but also take a few years in it would be a wasted opportunity. Before you close your doors, you have to understand that there are benefits in allowing employees to go on a study leave. 

It will eventually benefit the company

You don’t see the benefit for now, but it could happen in the long run. Employees who go on a study leave learn new concepts that could be applied to the business. They also meet with other industry leaders. They can help provide connections to the business. You can be patient until the employee graduates so that your business can also reap the benefits. It might seem like going on a study leave is only for personal development, but the truth is that the business can benefit a lot from it.

It shows support for the growth of employees

growth of employees

Employees feel good when their employers support their growth. It shows that they are being treated well. They will most likely stay in the company if they know that the employer looks after their development. Conversely, if you say no, it shows that the business is only after getting profits. It doesn’t care if employees improve along the way. It’s not a good image, and it also doesn’t help retain the best employees.

It’s a chance to ask for an exchange deal

If you worry that your employee will resign after graduating, you can sign a document that indicates the exchange deal. You don’t have to push for a strict contract, but you can at least indicate that the employee can’t resign for a while after graduation. 

It entices more quality employees to apply

If you have a hard time hiring employees, it helps if you show support for those who want to develop themselves. If the word starts to spread, other potential employees might decide to apply for the job. Apart from a decent salary and a good working environment, most employees are also searching for the opportunity to develop themselves. Therefore, it’s easier for them to apply to a company that shows support. If you want to get only the best in the industry, this is the right thing to do.

You have to weigh the consequences of your decision to decline your employee’s request. You might run the risk of losing someone who can help build your business. It’s not easy hiring people to do the job. You might also have standards to consider. If you have to go through the process again because you didn’t support one employee who wanted to improve, adverse effects on your business. It also discourages everyone from trying to develop. It might also happen in other instances, and you should try to avoid it if possible. The lack of support can kill creativity and hard work.

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