How to Respond to Negative Reviews about Your Business Online

Negative Reviews

Reviews are essential for the success of a business. When the company receives great reviews online, it will inspire more people to patronize the brand. However, if there are plenty of negative reviews, it can bring the business down. There are also several studies that show how reviews play a central role in people’s decision-making process. They might decide in favor of or against certain products depending on the reviews. Therefore, if you receive negative reviews, you have to do the right thing. These tips will help you.

Be compassionate

Be compassionate

Before you get angry, you have to understand that the person who left the review might have real concerns. Instead of being defensive, you need to understand what happened. Acknowledge the problem and show compassion. You also have to apologize if necessary. Even if you feel confident about what you’re selling, it might not feel the same for the people on the other end. Being compassionate is a sign that you’re willing to listen and improve.

Try to be diplomatic 

If you want to respond, you have to be as diplomatic as possible. You can’t be angry about the person who said something negative even if you feel it’s not true. You’re not speaking for yourself anymore, but for the business. If you’re not diplomatic, it might harm your company’s reputation. It won’t only affect the person who left the review, but everyone else reading the conversation. You don’t want to further turn off potential customers because of your attitude.

Explain what happened

If you still believe the review isn’t correct, you have to tell the truth. It’s possible that other companies deploy a dirty tactic to bring others down. Of course, you don’t want to say that all these reviews are incorrect or inaccurate. Instead, you have to explain what happened. Present evidence if possible. Allow the readers to decide for themselves. If they believe your explanation, they will buy the products and services you offer. If not, they will look for other options, and there’s nothing you can do about it.

Promise to be better

Your response should end with a promise to be better. You can’t make everything perfect, but you can take the steps in the right direction. Acknowledge the shoes and tell your customers what you’re going to take to improve. Sometimes, these promises are enough for them to continue patronizing the brand. It shows that the business cares about them and their concerns.

Responding to negative reviews is a thorough process. You can’t answer at the height of your emotions. Review your response before publishing it. You also need someone else to look at the answer and look for better words to avoid misinterpretations.

The point is that even if there are many reviews, good or bad, you have to respond. It shows that you care for your customers, and you listen to their concerns.

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