How to Organize Webinars for Employees

Organizing Webinars

The good thing about working from home is that it provides an opportunity for employees to manage their time well. They don’t have to get up early to be in traffic.  Employers can also organize other activities on top of the regular job description.

Webinars are popular because they allow employees to learn something new about the industry. There may also be about personal growth. If you intend to host one, these are some tips to consider.

Ask around 

The first thing you need to do is to ask your employees. They might have specific topics in mind. If everyone can benefit from it, you should give it a try. If there’s a consensus among the employees, the topic is significant to them. They might use it to be better at their job.

Invite a key speaker 

Invite a key speaker

If you’re an expert on the subject that the employees want to discuss during the webinar, you can be the key speaker. If not, you can invite someone else to do it. The good thing is that everything happens virtually. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about the cost of hiring another person to talk. 

Choose the right platform 

The platform to use depends on the goal of hosting the webinar. It can even be a recorded video if it’s only a one-way presentation. It can also be live and everyone has a chance to watch it at the same time. Another option is to make it an interactive webinar. Participants can ask questions via chat or through a call. 

Create a detailed online

It would be great if everyone has an idea about what will happen during the webinar. The detailed outline doesn’t have everything the employees need to know, but it can serve as a guide while the webinar is going on. It also helps them prepare questions in advance. 

Use visual aids

The speaker doesn’t have to be on screen all the time. There could be visual aids to help in the discussion. It also highlights the need for a recorded webinar to make it easier to organize the ideas and match them with the visual presentation. If possible, the visual aids are available on a separate file. Anyone who wishes to view the information after the webinar can do it. 

Integrate the company’s philosophy 

If the goal is to make the webinar meaningful and relevant, you should try to integrate the company’s philosophy in the discussion. It allows the employees to see the relevance of what they’re learning with the direction the company wants to take them. However, if you’re inviting someone from outside, you should inform this person about the company. It’s easier to create the webinar when the goals are clear from the start. 

Hopefully, everyone will enjoy the webinar and learn from it. You can host one frequently, especially if everyone needs to continue working from home. Everyone will benefit from it.

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