How to Help Employees Who Lack Motivation While Working from Home

Work from Home

It might be easy for some people to work from home, but it’s a difficult job for others. They can’t interact with colleagues. They also run out of ideas. They prefer working in a regular office environment. Therefore, these employees start to become less productive. Some of them don’t even meet the deadlines. If you start to feel worried, these are some ways to help employees who lack motivation. 

Keep in touch with them

Keep in touch with them

The first thing you need to do is to keep in touch with your employees. Make them feel that you’re always there to provide feedback. They also need to see that someone appreciates what they’re doing. Without constant communication, they will have a hard time realizing that they’re still at work.

Create online meetings to play games

Another way to engage employees who lack motivation is to create online meetings. However, this time, you shouldn’t discuss anything related to work. Instead, you need to consider playing games and having fun. You can also update each other about what’s going on while working from home. It might also be an opportunity to present ideas on how to stay productive while working from home. Sometimes, discussing work-related topics can be exhausting and make the employees lack motivation even more.

Provide updates 

It’s also crucial to provide updates about when everyone can get back to regular work. Provide your employees something to look forward to. They might already feel bored working at home, and the idea that they can get back to the office soon will excite them. 

Praise your employees

It’s not easy to work from home and stay positive I’m at a pandemic. Therefore, you have to make it a habit to price your employees. Let them know that you appreciate their hard work. They should also realize that you’re happy with what they’re doing. Some of them are already on the edge, and receiving process will help them to keep going. There might be times when they no longer feel available, and hearing your praises will change their minds.

Encourage employees to keep in touch

One of the reasons why people find it hard to work from home is that they can’t communicate with their colleagues. It’s still feels different to be in a regular office environment where they can brainstorm ideas or discuss topics not related to work. Therefore, it helps if you continue to encourage employees to talk to each other. Even if they use other platforms to stay in touch, it’s okay. The goal is to help them stay connected and provide support.

Hopefully, you can motivate these employees to do better. You don’t want them to be less productive while they’re working from home. However, you should also be clear about your expectations. 

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