How Not To Be That Annoying Coworker

Annoying Coworker

It seems that there would always be that one annoying coworker in the company and you don’t want to be that if you want your working days to be peaceful. Being that annoying coworker would not just make you hated by many, but the management or the employers themselves could notice it and it may cause you your job. Here are some of the most annoying coworker habits and what you can do to avoid doing them.

Too Much Socializing

It’s not wrong to socialize in the workplace. As a matter of fact, this is needed as this promotes collaboration, teamwork and friendly environment. However, it should all be in moderation. Too much of something is always bad and this includes socializing. There are coworkers that tend to do this excessively, which doesn’t only cause them to decrease their productivity, but that of their coworker’s too. If you’re talking too much about non-business related things with another employee, he may not be able to focus on what he’s doing and this could be annoying on his part. The best way to prevent this is to save your chats during your break, lunch and end of shift and focus on your job during work hours.

Not Respecting Other People’s Area

If you don’t have your own office and instead you have individual cubicles or just an open workplace, you should always show respect to your coworkers’ space. Don’t just barge in their area. Knock on the table to get their attention if you have something to tell them. Make sure that your things only occupy your own space and they don’t extend to the space of the coworker next to you. Moreover, if you need to borrow any of his things, ask the owner and don’t just get it as if it’s yours. These are common courtesies to avoid annoying your coworkers, but they are still often forgotten.

Getting Foods You Don’t Own at the Fridge

Food in Fridge

This may be an obvious thing that you shouldn’t do, but believe it or not, there are still several employees that are guilty of it. You certainly don’t want your foods to be stolen right? So why do it to others? Even if it has been in the fridge for days, this still doesn’t give you the right to just eat it.

Talking Too Loud

There are coworkers who just talk too loud whether they are just having a normal conversion with a coworker or a customer over the phone. If you’re one of these people, better start toning down your voice now as this is another thing that could annoy other people in the workplace. This is because this might affect their focus or concentration, which they may need to finish their tasks. Speak in a lower voice to avoid this situation.

Always Complaining

It cannot be helped if you may complain once in a while, especially if you’re too stressed since being vocal or sharing about it could somehow help lighten that heaviness in your heart. However, if done too often, then this could get annoying. Again, this could distract other employees and it could also bring negative vibe in the workplace. Instead of complaining, focus on what you can do to finish the work or if you feel you would be having difficulties completing the task, talk to your supervisor so you can come up with a better plan.

Gossiping About Coworkers


You’re in a professional environment and spreading gossip isn’t welcome here. This would definitely annoy anyone that’s the victim of the gossip. You could even be reported to the management and you would be reprimanded for it.

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