You Can Do Better in Your Chosen Career Unless You Start Self-Sabotaging


As they say, in life, your biggest opponent is yourself. This is true in many ways. You can reach greater heights if you believe in yourself and your capabilities. However, once you start doubting yourself, everything starts to fall apart. In your chosen career, the sky is the limit. You will reach a dead end though once you start sabotaging yourself.

You keep complaining

You keep complaining

You think that your career is not good enough, or you are not earning well enough. Instead of complaining, try turning things around so you will be in a better situation. Find out what is wrong with your life now and do something about it. The moment you start complaining, you get stuck. Instead of finding ways to solve problem, you get overwhelmed by the problem and just stay there. Besides, everyone is in a bad situation in one way or another. It is up to you on how you make the most out of what you have, or change it if you don’t like it.

You always blame yourself

Playing the blame game is always a losing strategy. When you have done something wrong in any task related to your job, don’t blame yourself. Find out what went wrong and try to be better next time. If you are being blamed by others, accept the blame, but don’t dwell on it. Prove to them that you can turn things around, and have a better outcome in the future. You will be on the losing end if you can’t get past that mistake.

You keep promising to change soon

Always telling yourself that you will change tomorrow since today is not the time is not a good habit. You will keep telling the same thing to yourself until you have committed no change at all. When you can change now or do something useful now, don’t wait until the next day. You are only fooling yourself in the process.

You think you are too old to do well

Age is just a number. Don’t think that you are too old to do something useful or to improve in whatever career you have chosen. The moment you hold yourself back because of that feeling, you will never be better. Look at age in terms of the number of years that you have spent improving yourself. You have done a lot over the years, and now is not the time to hold back. You can do more, and while you are still alive, there is still room for change.

You let your emotions overpower you

There is nothing wrong in being emotional. You need to let those emotions out if you want to be a better person. If you keep those feelings inside, they will manifest in other ways, and they could be harmful. The problem is when you allow your emotions to prevent you from doing better. There is nothing wrong in feeling happy or sad for as long as you can manage your emotions well and use them to your advantage.

The moment you start feeling like you are sabotaging yourself, recognize the problem and start changing your ways.

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