You Can Be A Likeable Leader If You Work Hard on It

Approachable Leader

You might feel bad with the idea of being disliked by the people you work with if you are a leader in your company. You feel like whatever you do, the people you work with hate you. Some leaders dont care about being disliked though. Their goal is to get things done and achieve the objectives of the company.

If you are fine with the idea that no one likes you among your workmates, you dont need to work on being liked. However, if it matters to you (which it should), here are some of the things you need to do to change their perception of you.

Try forming personal connections

Take some time to speak with the people you work with. Have a one-on-one conversation with them. It does not even have to about work. It can be about family and personal interests. The point is for you to know the people you work with better and the other way around. You will also know how they communicate and what you need to do if they you communicate with them for work-related matters in the future.

Be approachable

Likeable Leader

When you have a corner office far away from everyone else with curtains and locked doors, dont expect to be liked. People will like you if they know they can approach you. Dont keep yourself away from everything else just because you are the leader. If they need anything, personal or otherwise, they need to know that you are there for them.

Be humble

When you commit mistakes, be willing to accept them. Dont see yourself as above everyone else to a point that you dont dine with them or sit next to them on during a meeting. Humility is key to likability.

Be positive

Your employees look up to you especially in the most difficult of situations. If they know that you are optimistic despite the challenges, they will feel the same way. However, if they see you as someone who easily gives up, and has a negative perception towards life, expect them to dislike you. They are already under a lot of pressure to do a great job, and they dont want to be brought down further by a negative leader.

Show integrity

Likeable leaders have integrity. When you promise something, you need to follow through. Dont make orders when you cant follow those orders. Dont ask people to come early to work when you are always late or absent. You must be their role model. Otherwise, you will be seen as a hypocrite who cannot follow his own rules.

There is nothing wrong if you try changing yourself to work better with the people around you. It does not mean that you are putting yourself down by trying to be likeable. Yes, likability might not be on your list of what a good leader must be like, but there is no harm in building a good relationship with people who serve as backbone for the company you are running.

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