Ways You Can Sabotage Your Own Business’ Success

Business Failure

There are a lot of reasons why your business won’t succeed the way you would have wanted it to be. You might not be aware of it, but your own actions could result to your own failure. You might be too concerned about everything that is going on around you that you fail to realize that your actions (or lack of it) could lead to the downfall of your business. Here are the ways in which you can end up sabotaging the success of your business.


Several psychologists have already revealed that one of the biggest hindrances to success is self-doubt. The moment you start second guessing yourself, everything around you will fall apart. At the end of the day, even if no one else believes in you as long as you do, there is still hope that you can turn things around. However, when you let other people dictate to you your limitations and you believe in them, you will most likely fail.

If you start doubting your business and its ability to succeed, try to slow things down. Take a step back and find out why you have such thoughts. There could be a lot of reasons behind it. If your personal issues get in the way, find someone to run the business for a while or simply delegate the tasks. There is also nothing wrong in criticizing your own mistakes or doing self-evaluation. If done the right way, it could help bring the business up. However, if you tend to criticize yourself all the time and you also listen to what others have to say, it could really be devastating for your business.

Failure to make connections

Business Partners

Just like in your personal life, your business cannot survive on its own. You need to find people to work with. You should search for potential investors, advertise to target buyers and make strong connections. You want to expand your business and this will only happen if you start connecting with other people. You need them in order to rise. If you want to isolate your business, it is your choice. However, if other business success stories will tell you, all of them reached the top because they have collaborated with other people or businesses.

Comparing your business with others

This is a big no. Don’t let the success of others stop you from succeeding. Just because your friend who has started a business a few months later than you ended up with a bigger business now does not mean you can’t follow. Besides, you are not competing with each other. If you know people who are successful in their respective businesses, connect with them. You might even ask them how to succeed. Just don’t doubt your ability to bring your business to a huge success just because other people have already reached success before you did.

You can also be the reason behind your own failure. Therefore, you need to evaluate yourself and see how your actions affect the success of your business.

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