Ways to Reduce Anxiety Among Your Employees

Reducing Anxiety

Several employees suffer from anxiety at work. Some of them even bring the problems they have at work when they reach home. Employees want to succeed in what they are doing, but due to the nature of their work, and the people they are working with, the environment becomes too toxic for them.

As a leader, it is your responsibility to keep the work environment suitable for your employees. If you notice that a lot of them are feeling anxious, you need to do these things.

Add health and wellness programs

Add health and wellness programs

If your company can offer health and wellness programs, it would benefit the employees. Have an area where they can do yoga and meditation. You can also offer free wellness classes after office hours. You might think of it as another expense for your company, but your employees will benefit from it, and if they are doing well, their performance will also be great. Hence, it is not a futile investment.

Encourage those with severe anxiety to see a doctor

A lot of employees tend to shrug off their mental health condition and keep working. They will just reach a point when they are no longer stable and are unable to perform their job. Therefore, as soon as you see them struggling, ask them to see a doctor. However, you must make sure it does not seem like they are helpless that they need to consult an expert. Let them feel that it is a way of helping them out. Most people see a doctor for a simple leg pain. It does not hurt to see a doctor for anxiety.

Look at how you delegate tasks

There could be something wrong with how things are at work. You might be giving a lot of tasks to employees at a limited time. It could be overwhelming in the long run, so you need to take a hard look at what you are asking of them. You might have to hire more employees if need be, or adjust your goals to avoid putting too much pressure on them.

Help them out

If you are the type of leader who loves assigning tasks, and expecting a lot in return, you need to change your leadership style. Perhaps, instead of telling people what to do, work with them. It also does not help to scream at them when they are wrong or they have failed your expectations. Instead of screaming, why dont you help them if they are having a hard time? Ask them what is going on and how you can be of help. Again, you are working as a team, and their failure could affect everyone else. You can blame them all you want, but it does not make them productive.

Change is essential for companies that are struggling due to employees who are having serious anxiety issues. It also needs to happen soon before it is too late.

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