Ways To Make Employees Take Control Of What They Are Doing At Work

Employees Take Control

In any business, it is important to have employees who are motivated and passionate. Unless they possess these qualities, you can’t expect them to be productive. As a business owner or a manager, it is important to find ways to make your employees feel passionate about what they are doing. They need to take control of their work. They must not work for the sake of working and earning money. Here are some ways to help them take ownership and feel their worth.

Communicate the mission-vision of the company

Even before the employee starts working for the company, the mission-vision must be totally clear. You must communicate the message clearly to them. If there is a chance, you have to repeat it. When working, this should serve as their guide so they will keep doing the right thing. If they get sidetracked, they can easily return to what they are supposed to do because they are guided by such vision.

Let employees be involved

Let employees be involved

The problem with some companies is that there are certain decision making aspects that they keep exclusive to the management them. As a result, when it is announced to the employees, they will feel like they are just obliged to do the tasks. This does not make them feel like a part of the company. To make it better for them, you have to make them feel involved. Allow them to set goals with you or plan activities with the management team. They might even give better insights on what to do.

Always explain the reason for doing things

Don’t just delegate the tasks to them. This is like throwing them whatever you have in mind. After telling them what to do, explain why they have to do it. This makes them realize the value of what they are doing. Allow them to see the bigger picture too. This makes them work really hard.

Try giving them leadership roles

You don’t just delegate work to them but also allow them to feel like they have an authority. It does not necessarily mean promotion. You just have to let them take leadership roles whenever possible. For instance, you can let them preside during meetings. You can let them make presentations for the group. If they can feel like they are being trusted for a serious task, they will step up and do better.

Always hold them accountable

This does not mean you keep passing the blame on them. This means that you tell them that you trust them but there are consequences for not being able to hold their end of the deal. Always demand the best effort from them without necessarily making them feel like they are being treated as slaves. Provide fixed deadlines. Give specific tasks. Let them know about the standards in giving bonuses. When you are clear, they will find it easier to follow what you say.

It is important for all employees to really be a part of the team and not just an ordinary employee. It is only when everyone helps each other can the entire team succeed.

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