Ways to Keep Top Female Employees in Your Company

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We live in an age where women are already given the opportunity to work in various fields and excel. Sadly, a lot of them still face discrimination. Whether it is through overset sexual harassment or subtle acts of discrimination, these women feel like they don’t belong in that work environment. As such, they decide to leave. Strong and empowered women know their worth. If they see that they are not valued in a company, they can easily hop to another.

As a business owner, you have to recognize that women have potentials and they have the ability to really bring the business up. Losing them just because they don’t feel safe or welcome in the workplace is a huge waste. Here are some tips to ensure that you keep your top female employees.

Give them the chance to advance

One of the reasons why women leave the job is because they don’t see an opportunity for advancement. They usually see men moving up the corporate ladder first while women are left behind. The lack of chances for progression in one company when it is present in another can easily pave the way for women to jump ships. They would rather be in a company where their worth is recognized.

Revisit the policies implemented in your workplace

You might have a lot of policies that are totally outdated and have to be changed. Do you offer enough paid maternity leave? Do you provide work flexibility for women? Do you provide them a chance for professional development? Are there clear criteria in determining who takes leadership roles so judgment is based on value and not on sex? When you take a look at your policies and you think they are vague or even discriminatory, scrap them and start over.

Remove wage gap

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This has been brought to light in recent years especially with the wage disparity in many developed nations. Men and women who work for equal hours for the same amount of work must receive the same salary. On average though, women have to work 80 more days just so they can earn the same amount of money that men earn in a year.

Create a culture of diversity

Differences in gender, religion and race should be celebrated. They must be deemed as an asset. They can help diversify the perspectives in a company. They also make the business have a more competitive edge over other companies. Work on these differences rather than frowning on them. Women who feel included and accepted because of their views will most likely stay longer.

Remove people with biases from position

They old boys’ club is still common in several industries, including top corporations. Men promote men to certain position and women are left behind. Men are believed to be more capable and powerful. This promotes the cycle of discrimination. Men who have this kind of mentality have no business staying in a top position. Remove them and allow women to do better.

These tips will help make women realize that they are welcomed and their presence is valued. They will then decide that it is best to stay and help the company grow.

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