Top 3 Reasons Why You Should Not Rely on Social Media for Advertising Your Business

Social Media Sites

It is easy for business owners to make use of social media as a way to advertise their business. After all, it is for free. Hundreds upon thousands of people spend hours over the web just to browse their social media account. In short, it is a haven for small business owners who wish to advertise their business at a very low cost. There is nothing wrong in giving it a shot. After all, it is for free. However, you need to understand that it also has some down sides.

Annoying to people

Do you hate it when you keep on closing ads in YouTube or those that keep popping out of your computer? Other people also feel the same way. They hate it when they have to keep seeing ads they don’t want to see. In short, instead of making them feel good about your business, you make them feel irritated. They might have been convinced to buy what you offer, but they end up feeling annoyed. They will run away from those ads instead of being curious to find out what you have to offer.

General audience


This is also another problem with social media. You might feel good that you reach thousands of people for each post. The only problem is that they are not necessarily the same people you want to reach. You need to hit the nail right on the head. Advertising to the general public is like talking about your personal problem to a stranger. They won’t care about what you say. You are simply wasting your time on someone who will show no interest in buying your products or services.

Total reliance

This is perhaps the biggest risk that comes with advertising online. You feel overconfident with your advertising strategy. You think that you are doing a great job when in fact you are not necessarily hitting your target. You keep investing your resources, including your time, in creating the best social media advertisement when in fact, there are other media campaigns that you miss out on. Print media for instance still works. You should still go for banners, brochures, and flyers to reach out to local audiences. They are better in targeting the people you wish to know more about what you offer. Focusing on social media will make you miss out on these opportunities.

Again, there is nothing wrong with social media advertising. In fact, you have to remain competitive online as many other business owners explore this option as well. The point is that you must not fail to diversify your advertising options if you wish to maximize your income. You just need to see to it that whatever advertising strategy you decide to go with, you will hit the right audience. This is the key to success. Even big companies that have all the resources to make the most out of online marketing don’t totally rely on that option to boost their campaign.

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