Tips to Remember When Joining a Zoom Meeting

Zoom Meeting

Since people started working from home, Zoom meetings became a norm. It’s the easiest and most convenient way for employees to stay in touch. If there are instructions that everyone needs to know, it can be done through this platform. Clarifications and questions are also easy to raise via Zoom. If you were invited to take part in a Zoom meeting, these are the tips to remember to stay professional.

Wear a professional attire

Even if you’re staying at home, you still have to join a professional meeting. It involves your colleagues. You have to wear appropriate outfit. There’s no need to wear a formal attire, but you should at least avoid suggestive and indecent outfits. Don’t forget to wear pants even if you only show the upper half of your body.

Mute your microphone

Zoom allows you to mute your microphone when you don’t need to speak. There are times when only one person has to run the discussion for a while. You can talk later when that person is done as a sign of courtesy. To avoid hearing unnecessary noise, you have to mute your microphone first.

Position your camera properly

Position your camera properly

Find an area at home where you can properly position your camera. Your face needs to be clearly seen by everyone. You can also check if the camera is working properly before the meeting begins. In doing so, you can show direct engagement with everyone in the meeting.

Limit distractions if possible

If you know that a Zoom meeting is coming up, you have to stop doing unrelated tasks. You should also inform everyone at home that you will have a meeting, so they won’t disturb you. If these things bother you, it will be difficult to concentrate on the discussion. Turn your smartphone off first so you won’t receive notifications that could distract you from the meeting.

Prepare everything expected of you

If you are required to do a presentation, you have to prepare the materials before the meeting. You should also study them in details so that you can answer questions from your colleagues. If someone else is presenting, you should at least have an idea what the topic is about. You can participate in the conversation if you did your part.

Enjoy the conversation

You have been away from the office for quite some time now. You definitely miss being around the people at work. Show how enthusiastic you are to see them through this platform. You might even miss the people you dislike. It could be a few more days before you have a group meeting again. Discussing ideas with this people enriches your brain and lets the creative juices flow.

Zoom meetings could be part of the new normal if it would take time before we can control the spread of the virus. You have to remember these tips and maintain a professional image.

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