Tips to Reduce Stress When Sitting on the Negotiation Table

Reduce Stress in Negotiation

Negotiating with another party can be very stressful. You want the conversation to end up being more favorable on your side. Of course, the other party will also do the same thing. This is why it is called a negotiation because you have to find a way for both sides to be fine with the terms and conditions.

The problem is that before you get to that middle ground, you will face a lot of issues. There are instances when you feel so irritated with the other party that you might just walk out of the door. This is not helpful in any way. You have to control your temper and still find a way to reach a deal. Here are some tips to control your stress levels when doing a negotiation.

Prepare for all possibilities

You should think of the ways in which the other party will approach you at the negotiation table. There might be instances when they are emboldened because they feel like they have the upper hand. In some cases, they are too tough and just would not bend in any of the conditions you have set. Whatever the reaction should be, it helps if you prepare for it. This prevents you from being surprised when it actually happens. You have already anticipated it and you know what to do if it starts to happen.

Do relaxing activities before entering the negotiating room

There are things you can do even in your own office so you will be in a calmer place before you start negotiation. Try doing yoga or even just some simple breathing techniques. Hold your breath for a while before exhaling. Slow down and hasten your breathing alternately up until you feel relaxed. You can do the same technique even on the table just so you will start to relax.

Prepare for all possibilities

Be open minded

You come on the table fully prepared of what to say. You know what you want and you are confident you will get it. However, the other party might also have something good to say. Their offers could actually be more beneficial for you. Therefore, you need to be more open-minded. Try to go through the whole process and listen to every detail they present. This is not just a way of showing respect, but also letting them know that you are taking this deal seriously.

Know when to give up

You want to end up with a huge success when doing this negotiation. However, you will not always see positive results. There are times when leaving is the best option. The stress that you are getting is just too high to even continue with the deal. When you feel like it is not worth it and there are better deals out there, express your gratitude, stop the deal and move ahead.

You can never control what happens on a negotiating table. You can control how you feel though. Come to the room fully prepared so no amount of stress can pull you down.

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